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Renault F1 Team 2019

12 februari 2019
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At Renault, we are passionate about motorsport. Our history in F1 has continued unbroken for more than 40 years. Formula 1 is a show, a spectacle, pure entertainment, but it is also the highest level in motorsport. A passion for Formula 1 is a metaphor for fighting spirit, determination, resilience but also progress thanks to the limitless innovation that inspires the sport.
This passion has to be tempered with a healthy dose of reality. A check to make sure the heart is matched by the head. And it still does. F1 makes sense for Renault; it is a laboratory for our future road going technology – as seen by the new engine designation – Renault E-Tech 19. It also visits key markets on the global stage, such as China and Brazil, and continues to broaden its reach in emerging or consolidating markets such as the Middle East and Russia. Under the new owners, Liberty, F1 is more relevant too by attracting new fans that keep it young and fresh.
It is a very exciting time to be part of F1. Over the past three years we feel we have proved ourselves. We have contributed on-track with some great battles and strong performances. Off-track we have delivered innovative PR and marketing activities to help grow viewership and fan engagement.
2019 promises to be an interesting year on and off track. We can’t wait to get started.


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