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General Conditions


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Intellectual property rights

Royalties and/or rights to Designs and Models

The works made available to you via the website, which are protected by copyright and/or rights to designs and models, may be reproduced or represented on any media, in particular on paper or IT media, strictly for information purposes only. No commercial use may be made of these works. Noncompliance with these intellectual property rights constitutes an infringement of the law. Violators are subject to two years' imprisonment and/or a €150,000 fine.


Trademark rights

The RENAULT brand name, RENAULT logo (diamond), the names of the vehicles in the RENAULT range and all associated products and services are RENAULT registered trademarks.

Other brands may also be cited; they can generally be identified by a capital letter. They are used by RENAULT either with authorisation of the holder or in compliance with the provisions of the French Intellectual Property Code (Code de la Propriété Intellectuelle).
The reproduction, imitation, use or affixing of these brand names without the prior consent of Renault or the respective owners of the brand names constitutes an infringement of intellectual property rights. Violators are subject to two years' imprisonment and/or a €150,000 fine.


Media Centre

The photographs/videos/audio podcasts on line at the Media Centre at are reserved exclusively for use by the press, on the condition that: 
- the media in which the photographs/videos/audio podcasts are reproduced is mass published and has an ISSN number and/or; 
- the user has journalist status. 
Any other use, particularly relating to sales and advertising, is prohibited and may be punishable as a criminal offense of pirating.


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All materials on this website are the sole property of Renault SAS and/or of its subsidiaries or of any third party having granted Renault SAS permission to use them. Please note that these materials are for editorial use only. Commercial use, including advertising, marketing and merchandising, is strictly prohibited. All trademarks are the ownership of Groupe Renault.


Personal and other data

The site is subscription-free. 

You must enter your name and provide personal information about yourself in order to subscribe to the news alerts. 

The information you supply will be treated as confidential and RENAULT undertakes not to disclose such information to third parties, unless required to do so pursuant to the applicable provisions of French law, in particular data protection act no. 78-17 of 6 January 1978.


Passwords and access codes

During the registration procedure, you must enter an account name and a password. You alone are responsible for keeping this account name and password confidential and for all the activities carried out on your account and/or by using your password. You must inform RENAULT immediately of any unauthorised use of your account and/or password and make sure that at the end of each session you disconnect properly. RENAULT shall not be held liable for any loss or damage arising out of your failure to abide by these obligations.


Personal data

The personal data collected as part of this sign-up form (first and last names, email address, etc.) are vital in responding to your information requests, for sending you news alerts, and for information on site updates. 

This information shall be used solely by RENAULT for the communication of information. RENAULT undertakes to refrain from using any data or parts of any data collected for commercial purposes without giving you advance notice. 

This information is confidential and shall be kept by RENAULT. In accordance with Article 34 of French data protection act no. 78-17 of 6 January 1978, you have a right to access and rectify the personal information about you by contacting us:

- either at the following email address:

- or at the following postal address:

Communications Department
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Should you no longer wish to benefit from the services offered on this site (such as the newsletter, alerts of press documents, etc.), you can terminate your subscription by following the procedure set out under the heading “My News Alerts”.


Non-personal data

Non-personal data you provide concerning your preferences, your interests and your tastes is used to offer you services that are most suited to your requirements. 

Moreover, we may obtain information automatically. This information cannot under any circumstances be linked to a particular person. This information concerns the type of internet browser that you use, your computer system and the name of the domain by which you accessed our site.


Hypertext links

Setting up a hypertext link of any type whatsoever to RENAULT’s website is strictly prohibited. 

RENAULT shall under no circumstances be held liable for providing hypertext links to sites from the website and shall not be responsible for the content of such sites, or the products or services etc. available on these sites or by using such sites.


Limitation of liability

You visit the site at your own risk. Under no circumstances will RENAULT, its subsidiaries or any members of its network be held liable for any loss or damage, whether direct or indirect, including damage to property, loss of data or programs, or financial loss, which results from the access to or use of this site and its contents (texts, images, photos, videos, sound, etc.) or of any related sites. The contents of this site are presented without any guarantee of any kind whatsoever. 

Access to the services presented on the site may be subject to restrictions. You must therefore make sure that the law of the country from which you have made the connection permits you to access our site.


Applicable law

These General Conditions shall be governed by French law. The French version of these General Conditions shall be authoritative. In the event of a dispute, the French courts alone shall have jurisdiction in this respect.


Updating the General Conditions

RENAULT reserves the right to modify and update the General Conditions and access to the site at any time. You agree to be bound by any such variations and new versions. You must therefore refer to these pages regularly to check the General Conditions.

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All materials on this website are the sole property of Renault SAS and/or of its subsidiaries or of any third party having granted Renault SAS permission to use them. Please note that these materials are for editorial use only. Commercial use, including advertising, marketing and merchandising, is strictly prohibited. All trademarks are the ownership of Groupe Renault.