Alpine and Leica’s very first photo contest together

September 07, 2018

Hit the Road, the Alpine x Leica photo contest, is the two brands’ first venture together. The contest targets amateur and professional photographers alike and the winner will come away with a 4-day road trip in an Alpine A110 and any Leica camera they choose so he or she can record the road trip giving his/her personal take of the journey getting away from it all.


Road Trip photos will be on show at the Leica Store (Paris/France) in December 2018 and at Alpine Centres in Europe and at the Havas Gallery (Puteaux/France), in the Havas photography section during 2019. The ambition of the photo contest is to develop worldwide.


Why is Alpine putting on the contest?

With the contest, Alpine seeks to promote talented photographers of all ages by giving them a chance to unleash their creative skills, be trained in photographic techniques and make a name for themselves.

Alpine Marketing Director Julien Geffard commented: “We have constantly striven to boost Alpine’s image since it was relaunched in 2016....Right from the outset, we have tried to give Alpine its own specific aura by taking some bold artistic decisions. For example, we appealed to talented, young photographers who were not particularly familiar with the car industry. We want to nurture photographers with this contest and unveil new ways of viewing the A110”.

Teaming up with Leica

Legendary camera brand Leica is a big name for photographers, even the most demanding photographers. The brand has adapted to new photographic requirements while staying true to its traditional qualities - producing timeless designs and giving photographers the very best optical features so they can unleash their creative skills.


Given Alpine and Leica both have their own fan base, it was a logical move to team up to launch a project nurturing creative photographic skills via an invitation to travel. Hit the Road could be an artistic story, a flamboyant scenario, a thought-provoking journey or a complete surprise, who knows?


To participate:

To enter the Alpine x Leica Hit the Road photo contest, send your personal profile, Road Trip project and 15 photographs by 20 September inclusive, to:


Contest open to French nationals and residents only. All Road Trip projects must take place in France.

The winner will be announced on 26 September 2018.

The Alpine x Leica Hit the Road contest is co-managed and produced by Havas Gallery.



A photography and design panel of experts will select the winner, who will:

- have use of an Alpine A110 and any Leica camera he/she chooses to record the pre-submitted 4-day Road Trip project.
- be trained in using the Leica camera. 
- receive a €2,000 cash prize and €2,000 compensation for licensed use of his/her photos.
- receive personal advice on his/her photographic work from a Leica expert and/or a jury panel member.
- be assisted by a guide to organise the trip and a creative team to put the finishing touches to his/her project.



The photographs the winner takes during the Road Trip will be on show at the Leica Store, Faubourg Saint-Honoré (Paris), from 6 December 2018 to 2 February 2019, and in 2019 at the Alpine Centres and the Havas Gallery in Puteaux, France.


Pre-jury and Jury

Participants’ submissions will be judged on project creativity, relevance and originality in relation to the Hit the Road contest theme, as well as clear goals and portfolio quality.


Judging will break down into two phases as follows:

- The first panel consists of Gaëlle Gouinguené, Leica Camera France Communications, PR and Cultural Projects manager, Séverine Morel, Havas Gallery curator and art buyer, and Julien Geffard, Alpine marketing director, will select 20 to 25 projects for the final panel.


- The winner and three runners up will be selected on 26 September by a second panel comprising the following photography and design personalities:

  • Chair: Rémi Noel – photographer and advertising creative director (Poetry Wanted founder and THIS IS NOT A MAP designer)
  • Laurent Nivalle –ambassador photographer, Leica creative director and producer
  • Antony Villain - Alpine design director
  • Lucas Mongiello - Havas Paris/Havas Gallery art supervisor


The winner will be Hitting the Road 8 to 11 October 2018.


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