Dacia presents the “Systeme [D]acia”, smarter together!

June 24, 2016
  • Système [D]acia, a platform dedicated to the community of the brand, its products and its exclusive services
  • Deals, tips, information... the benefits of driving a Dacia are endless
  • Dacia’s Portières Ouvertes programme, or how to test drive Dacia vehicles in the company of everyday drivers

Be they Dacia owners or potential customers, devoted fans of the brand or people just looking for a good deal, they all share the same Dacia values and mind-set: smart, simple, unique and friendly. And so we decided to build even stronger ties between our customers by creating a new discussion and information-sharing platform.
This new platform is called Système [D]acia. It’s scalable and entirely dedicated to the Dacia community, and its tagline is Smarter Together.
Not only is Système [D]acia about finding and sharing good deals, it is also about brand ambassadors who are committed to sharing their philosophy, which is unique in the automotive world. To further promote this goal, the recently launched Portières Ouvertes programme lets Dacia owners ‘loan’ their vehicle for test drives in order to share their personal experience of the brand.

Système [D]acia in detail
The platform can be used to:
• Find information about Dacia events or promotions (special offers, limited editions, events like the Dacia Picnic, etc.)
• Submit questions to volunteer customers through Live Chat (beginning this July)
• Get technical advice and information about current offers relating to Dacia vehicle maintenance
• Book a test drive with a Dacia owner through the Portières Ouvertes programme
• Rent your car to a private individual through the safe and simple Drivy partnership

The Portières Ouvertes programme, to discover a Dacia with its owner
Nowadays, before purchasing anything – especially a car – consumers increasingly seek user feedback. This is why Dacia allows its prospects to try out a model and obtain information directly from Dacia customers. Indeed, these volunteer customers are at the very heart of the Portières Ouvertes digital campaign, because they helped develop it.
As soon as the Portières Ouvertes programme was launched on June 21, several hundreds of ambassadors from all over France pre-registered to participate in the programme.
To test drive a car with a member of the Dacia community, simply go to www.systeme.dacia.fr, choose the model and the owner closest to your location, and you will be able to contact one another directly.

With Drivy, a Dacia can be a source of income for its owner
Dacia has also joined the Drivy car rental marketplace to allow Dacia owners to rent their car to peers in a safe and simple manner. When Dacia owners register with Drivy, there are no obligations and they decide if and when to rent out their vehicle. With the first rental, registered owners benefit from a €50 voucher for fuel, car wash or maintenance.

Système [D]acia is a scalable platform that will regularly feature new offers. To discover this new Dacia platform, visit www.systeme.dacia.fr today!

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