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LPG versions of all Dacia models now available in France

July 04, 2017
  • LPG can now be specified as an original equipment fitment for any Dacia model in France
  • An affordable, relevant alternative for today’s fast-moving market
  • Order books open across France on July 4, 2017


Dacia is pleased to announce the availability of LPG versions of every one of the six models it markets in France, namely Logan, Sandero, Logan MCV, Duster, Lodgy and Dokker. This simple, proven and affordable solution is ideal for Dacia customers as harsher taxation policies and restrictions concerning the types of vehicle that may be driven in the country’s major cities make LPG-fuelled vehicles an attractive alternative.

LPG versions of the following engine / model combinations are available: 

- TCe 90 petrol engine / Sandero, Logan and Logan MCV,
- SCe 100 petrol engine / Lodgy and Dokker,
- SCe 115 petrol engine / Duster.

This proven, reliable technology is now available as an original equipment fitment, with prices starting from €700. This investment can be recouped thanks to:

- LPG’s lower pump price,
- The vehicle’s registration document is either free or half its usual price in practically all of France’s administrative regions,
- Company car tax not payable for two years in the case of the TCe 90 LPG engine.

Order books open on July 4, 2017.

Tax-paid prices in France:

ModelVersionPrice €
Logan TCe 90 LPGAmbiance10 900
Lauréate12 000
Sandero TCe 90 LPGAmbiance 11 100
Lauréate 12 200
Stepway13 420
Logan MCV TCe LPGSilverline12 650
Blackline10 850
Lodgy SCe 100 LPG (5 seats)Lodgy12 350
Silverline12 850
Lodgy SCe 100 LPG (7 seats)Lodgy10 350
Silverline11 850
Dokker SCe 100 LPGDokker12 790
Silverline14 550
Duster SCe 115 LPGDuster10 900
Silverline12 000
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