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April 03, 2018

Groupe Renault posted its best first quarter in terms of sales volumes in 7 years.

  • Groupe Renault took advantage of market growth, with a 3.1% increase in sales, and reported its best PC + LCV sales volumes since 2011.

  • The group placed five vehicles in the top-ten PC models, including Clio in the number-one spot, and four in the top-five LCV models, with Kangoo taking the top spot.

  • Dacia posted a record first quarter. Sandero was the second top-selling passenger car to consumer sales and the New Duster got off to an excellent start.


Boulogne-Billancourt, 03/04/2018 – Groupe Renault is pursuing its sales volume growth amid continuing strong market momentum. The Renault brand led the French market for the first quarter as a whole and Dacia posted its best first quarter ever in terms of sales volumes.



The brand’s PC sales were stable in the first quarter, for a 19.2% share of the market. Clio remained the number-one car in France, selling nearly 32,500 units for a 5.8% share of the PC market. With a 21.7% increase in sales, Twingo led the A segment. Captur ranked number five overall and number one in the B-SUV segment and Koleos second in the D-SUV segment. Espace continued to dominate the E segment. The group placed three vehicles in the C segment top five, with Mégane, New Duster and Scénic, whose sales have risen 22.5%. 


Renault LCV sales increased 5.3% in a market that remains dynamic. The group ranked four models in the top five, with Kangoo leading the market. Trafic and Master are the leaders in the van segment.

In the electric vehicle markets, Renault remains the clear leader in PCs and LCVs. The brand has the most comprehensive all-electric range on the market with Twizy, ZOE, Kangoo Z.E. and Master Z.E. ZOE and Kangoo Z.E. both lead their respective segments. 



Dacia posted its best first quarter ever in terms of sales volumes. In March alone, the brand reported a new monthly sales record. It reinforced its number-three ranking in sales to consumers, bolstered by the continuing success of Sandero – the number-two model in sales to consumers – and the excellent market launch of New Duster. The brand grew its PC sales 12.4% over the quarter.

Philippe Buros, Senior Vice President, Market Area France, Groupe Renault, said: “Groupe Renault is taking full advantage of the strong momentum of the French car market. The New Duster, launched in January, has confirmed its expected success. Our order book is full and allows us to look forward to the coming months with confidence.”

    March 2018 alone 
Volume vs. Y-1 (%) Market share vs. Y-1 (pt)
TIV PC + LCV 279,332 +3.2    
TIV PC   231,110 +2.2    
TIV LCV 48,222 +8.2    
Groupe Renault PC+LCV  79,199 +5.2 28.4 +0.6
Groupe Renault PC 63,119 +3.9 27.3 +0.4
Groupe Renault LCV  16,080 +11.0 33.3 +0.8
Renault brand PC+LCV  65,120 +3.4 23.3 +0.1
Renault brand PC 49,171 +1.2 21.3 -0.2
Renault brand LCV  15,949 +11.2 33.1 +0.9
Dacia brand PC+LCV 14,052 +14.1 5.0 +0.5
Dacia brand PC 13,921 +14.4 6.0 +0.6
Dacia brand LCV 131 -10.9 0.3 -0.1


   Overall January-March 2018
Volume vs. Y-1 (%) Market share (%) vs. Y-1 (pt)
TIV PC + LCV 673,615 +3.5    
TIV PC   556,849 +2.9    
TIV LCV 116,766 +6.1    
Groupe Renault PC+LCV  177,726 +3.1 26.4 -0.1
Groupe Renault PC 140,612 +2.7 25.3 0.0
Groupe Renault LCV  37,114 +4.7 31.8 -0.4
Renault brand PC+LCV  143,470 +1.3 21.3 -0.5
Renault brand PC 106,694 0.0 19.2 -0.6
Renault brand LCV  36,776 +5.3 31.5 -0.2
Dacia brand PC+LCV 34,228 +11.6 5.1 +0.4
Dacia brand PC 33,890 +12.4 6.1 +0.5
Dacia brand LCV 338 -34.0 0.3 -0.2
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