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Renault welcomes its 5 millionth fan on Facebook

January 11, 2013

Having started out in the social networks and new communication channels in 2009, Renault is today celebrating its five millionth Facebook fan.

  • Renault is very involved in the web and social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Flickr). 
  • Renault on Facebook has more than 60 pages, including a “global” international page, 10 theme pages and 50 “country” pages. 
  • We use this strong web presence to bring our fans exclusive content and organize live discussions with them.


Renault opened its first Facebook page in September 2009. Alongside its international page, ten theme pages feature targeted information for a range of fan bases – sports, heritage, and electric vehicles. In addition to this very thorough offering, there are 50 country-specific pages (including Brazil and Turkey).

Examples of the exclusive content we offer to our fans:

  • On-request photo sessions at shows and major brand events 
  • Weekends with new Renault products, such as the “Win a Twizy Weekend” competition 
  • After-sales advice 
  • Fun apps presenting our new models, including the “Macadam Fever” game, which is making its return in a new version on our international Facebook page

Renault Facebook facts:

  • Nearly 1,5 million fans on the Renault Brazil page 
  • 4,200 new fans every month on the international page, 
  • Our fans’ favorite subjects are the brand’s products (notably the Renault Sport range), design, history and heritage.

Commenting, Mouna Sepehri, Executive Vice President, Office of the CEO, said: “I'm excited about that, on Facebook, 5 million ambassadors are mobilized around values ​​of Renault in France and everywhere else in the world, in a close dialogue, transparent, productive and uncompromising. Social media allow Renault to challenge its innovations in real-time to the expectations and tastes of users and buyers to come from the Brand to the Diamond". This is why Renault is a fan of Facebook as well as our Facebook friends are fans of Renault! The deployment of the Internet strategy of Renault, building on the tremendous potential of the new frontier of social networks, is put at the service of radiation increased the brand and an immediate release of its new products, like ZE range and the new Renault Clio.”


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