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The continuation of negotiations aimed at a draft agreement to support a new dynamic of growth

February 05, 2013
  • Renault and the CFDT, CFE-CGC, CGT and FO trade unions held a ninth negotiation meeting on Tuesday February 5.
  • Following on from the previous meeting, the negotiations focused on how to apply the measures proposed by management in terms of work time, pay policy, non-cost competitiveness and quality of life in the workplace.
  • Renault and the trade unions will meet again on February 12 to examine the draft agreement together and make final adjustments to it.


Following the meeting, Gérard Leclercq, Executive Vice President, Chairman of Operations, France, said: “The negotiations continued over the whole day in a studious atmosphere. After nine meetings, all the measures and commitments that could be included in the agreement have been raised and discussed. That gives me confidence that we will be able to conclude the negotiations at the next meeting, scheduled for February 12.”


At the ninth meeting, the unions and management continued their negotiations on how to apply the proposed measures.  

  • Regarding inter-site secondments, the emphasis will remain on voluntary transfers. In cases of necessity, compulsory secondments will apply. It was also agreed to restrict this measure to the period of the agreement. 
  • In the event of short-time working, the long-term short-time working (APLD) system of compensation could be introduced. 
  • Regarding work time, the introduction of new hours based on an annual 1603 hours should be proposed on July 1, and by September 2013 at the latest. Preliminary talks are to be held at each site. 
  • Regarding pay policy, annual negotiations are to be held on an annual basis, to factor in the company’s situation and the economic environment. 
  • The FMJS agreement will be extended until the end of 2016. The “activity suspension for specific careers” (“DACS”) policy should be open to all employees, regardless of their status, who are aged 58 or over (or 57 for employees with long careers or disabilities) and who will be eligible for a full pension within the next three years, and with no requirement to have worked in difficult or dangerous jobs. 
  • Furthermore, the discussions went into the specifics of refocusing engineering on the core business


Renault and the trade unions will meet again on February 12 to examine the draft agreement together and make final adjustments to it.

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