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RCI Banque announces a target of €2 billion deposits by the end of 2013

February 15, 2013
  • As of December 31, 2012, 22,250 ZESTO savings accounts were open, with net deposits totaling €893 million.
  • RCI Banque keeps on expanding its retail savings business, and has confirmed that it will launch an instant savings account in Germany on February 18, 2013. The instant savings offer will be complemented by term deposit accounts, both in France and in Germany 
  • RCI Banque is targeting total deposits of €2 billion across its combined French and German retail savings businesses by the end of December 2013. 
  • RCI Banque has also confirmed its 2014 deposits target to represent around € 2.5 billion, or 10% of its outstandings


 “In 2012, RCI Banque launched its retail savings activity with the ZESTO savings account, and committed to invest all deposits collected in automotive finance business. ZESTO has exceeded its target, with outstandings of €893 million in 2012. In 2013, our retail savings business will expand to Germany and a new term deposit will be launched in France. Our combined target across both countries is €2 billion deposits by the end of December 2013.” commented  Dominique Thormann, Chairman and CEO of RCI Banque.

By exceeding its deposits target in 2012, the Zesto account has positioned itself among the best players in a very competitive market.

RCI Banque is the first French automotive finance company to launch a retail savings account. 

Offering competitive interest rates - promotional and basic - , RCI Banque openly aimed at collecting several hundred million euros in deposits during its first year of activity, as well as using the collected funds to diversify its sources of refinancing. 

Launched in February 2012 with a deposits target of €500 million, the ZESTO savings account posted total deposits of €893 million at the end of December 2012. In total, 22,250 accounts were opened ,  with  an average deposit of €40,000.  This performance reflects the attractiveness of our savings offer, knowing that all collected funds will be used to finance automotive loans for retail and corporate customers. 

One year after the launch of Zesto, RCI Banque is expanding its deposits business with a new offer  to be launched in Germany on February 18

Germany is Europe’s largest retail savings market, with more than €1,700 billion. Traditional players in the market are both banks and German captive finance automotive companies. Various other players have also managed to position themselves in the market by offering products limited to instant savings and term deposits.

Capitalizing on the experience gained in its domestic market, RCI Banque will launch an instant savings account marketed by Renault Bank Direkt, on February 18.


Savings accounts with similar features

ZESTO by RCI Banque and Renault Bank Direkt savings accounts offer their customers similar benefits. With attractive interest rates delivering among the best returns in their respective markets, RCI Banque and Renault Bank Direkt deliver a high level of performance. The commitment to use the collected funds exclusively for automotive loans makes the deposits highly secure. Moreover, like other on-line banks, RCI Banque and Renault Bank Direkt feature simple, 100% on-line procedures, when opening, managing and closing accounts.


New term deposit accounts to be launched during q2 2013

RCI Banque will launch a term deposit account in the French market in 2013. This new product, named “PEPITO by RCI Banque”, will be a 3 months step-up term deposit with a maturity of three years. The product is designed to retain existing ZESTO customers as well as attract new ones. The entire account-opening process for “PEPITO by RCI Banque” will be online from the existing ZESTO account. Thanks to this new product, RCI Banque will reinforce the partnership that started with Arkéa Banking Services when launching the ZESTO account.

The launch of a term deposit (1 ,2 ,3 or 4 years terms) is also scheduled by Renault Bank Direkt  during Q2 2013. 


RCI Banque has set up a target of €2 billion deposits by the end of December 2013

RCI Banque keeps on implementing its strategy: support business growth across all markets, control the cost of risk, pursue the diversification of its refinancing sources to reduce its dependence on the financial markets.

By developing its French and German retail savings businesses, RCI Banque has set up a target of €2 billion in deposits by the end of December 2013.

By the end of 2014, RCI Banque’s retail savings business is expected to represent €2.5 billion, or around 10% of its outstandings.

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About RCI Banque

RCI Banque, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Renault Group, specializes in automotive finance and services for customers and dealers of the Renault Group (Renault, Renault Samsung Motors and Dacia) worldwide and for the Nissan Group (Nissan and Infiniti), chiefly in Europe and South America. With offices in 36 countries, RCI Banque has over 2.5 million customers and finances almost 1,102,000 credit applications every year. At end 2012, its lending book totaled €24,1 billion and it posted record pre-tax profits of €773 million. To find out more about RCI Banque, visit

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