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Sales results France_end of September 2015

October 01, 2015


Renault passenger car sales: up 13,000 units by end of september


• Renault passenger car sales in France up to the end of September were up by more than 13,000 units on the same period in 2014, at 280,148, for a French market share of 19.7% (down 0.2 points).

• Clio, France’s best-selling car over the first nine months of the year, alone claimed 5.7% of the French passenger car market, at 81,099 units (up 3.9%). New Espace and Kadjar, launched in 2015, were well received on the market, and ZOE sales doubled over the period.

• On a fairly steady market (up 0.8%), Renault LCV sales in France rose by 3.7% to reach 86,765 units, for a market share of 31.7% (up 0.9 points).

• Groupe Renault sales of passenger cars and LCVs combined rose by 2.7% over the first nine months of 2015 compared with the same period in 2014, to total 443,774 units.



On a buoyant French market (up 6.3%), Renault passenger car sales over the first nine months of 2015 reached 280,148 units, up by more than 13,000, for a virtually steady market share of 19.7% (down 0.2 points). Despite a drop in sales (down 5.7% at 74,647 units), Dacia held firm in fifth place in the market ranking. Overall, Groupe Renault passenger car sales rose by 2.5% to 354,795 units, for a market share of 25.0% (down 0.9 points).


With registrations totalling 81,099 (up 3.9%), Clio held a comfortable lead at the top of the French passenger car market. Captur, leader on the urban crossover segment, was in fourth position, at 53,840 units (up 16.2%). New Espace doubled its predecessor’s sales over the same period last year, to reach 6,648 units. Following launch in June, Kadjar sales reached 10,698 units, and for the month of September it already ranked fourth on the all-track vehicle segment. At 34,291 registrations, New Twingo claims a full 30.5% share of the small city car segment. ZOE reaped full benefit from the conversion bonus to more than double its sales, up to 6,952 units, and command close to 60% of the French electric passenger car market.


On a steady market (up 0.8%), Renault LCV sales rose by 3.7%. At 86,765 units, Renault kept its comfortable lead on the French LCV market, with a 31.7% share (up 0.9 points). Overall, Groupe Renault LCV sales rose by 3.1% to total 88,979 units. Kangoo and Clio held the top two positions on the LCV market. With Master and Trafic as well, Renault has four vehicles in the top six. And for the month of September, Kangoo, Trafic, Clio and Master held all of the top four slots in the LCV ranking.


Renault’s combined passenger car and LCV sales rose by 4.7% over the first nine months of the year to total 366,913 units. Overall, Groupe Renault sales of Renault plus Dacia models reached 443,774, up by 2.7% (11,500 units) on the same period in 2014. The Groupe Renault market share stood at 26.2% (down 0.7 points), broken down as 21.6% for Renault (down 0.1 point) and 4.5% for Dacia (down 0.5 points).


Our sales performance up to the end of September was solid, under market conditions better than expected. Demand for most of our models has been strong, and New Espace and Kadjar have done very well, with a good upward weighting in the version mix. Judging from these good results we should be able to expect progression in both volumes and market share for 2015 as a whole”. Philippe Buros, SVP Market Area France


 Month of 
 Volumevs Y-1 (%)market share (%)vs Y-1 (pt)
TIV PC+LCV200 915 +9.0  
TIV PC 164 774 +9.1  
TIV LCV36 141 +8.6  
Renault group PC+LCV55 900 +5.827.8 -0.8
Renault group PC 41 896 +4.925.4 -1.0
Renault group LCV14 004 +8.632.5+0.7
Renault PC+LCV48 203 +5.324.0 -0.8
Renault PC 34 347 +3.520.8 -1.1
Renault LCV13 856 +9.838.3+0.4
Dacia PC+LCV7 697 +9.33.8+0.0
Dacia PC 7 549 +11.54.6+0.1
Dacia LCV148  -45.40.4 -0.4



 Cumulated September 2015
 Volumevs Y-1 (%)market share (%)vs Y-1 (pt)
TIV PC+LCV1 694 960 +5.4  
TIV PC 1 421 440 +6.3  
TIV LCV273 520 +0.8  
Renault group PC+LCV443 774 +2.726.2 -0.7
Renault group PC 354 795 +2.525.0 -0.9
Renault group LCV88 979 +3.132.5+0.7
Renault PC+LCV366 913 +4.721.6 -0.1
Renault PC 280 148 +5.019.7 -0.2
Renault LCV86 765 +3.731.7+0.9
Dacia PC+LCV76 861  -6.04.5 -0.5
Dacia PC 74 647  -5.75.3 -0.7
Dacia LCV2 214  -14.70.8 -0.1


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