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Sales results France 2015

January 04, 2016


Renault PC+LCV sales increased 7.5% in 2015 for a market share of 22.1%, up 0.3 points and the highest in four years.

• The Renault brand strengthened its leadership in PCs and LCVs alike.
• Groupe Renault PC+LCV sales totaled over 600,000 units for the first time in four years.
• Clio remained the top-selling vehicle in France for the sixth consecutive year.
• Groupe Renault ranked five vehicles in the PC top 10 and four in the LCV top six.
• ZOE, the leader in the electric PC market, topped the mark of 10,000 registrations.


In 2015, in a PC market that rose sharply (by 6.8%), Renault registered 382,504 vehicles (up 8.1%), its best performance in volume terms since 2011. The brand grew its market share 0.2 points to 20.0%. 
For the sixth consecutive year, Clio was the best-selling car in France with over 100,000 registrations. Captur, the number-one urban crossover and market number-four, confirmed its success with a 15% increase in sales. Scénic, firmly installed in seventh place, maintained its ranking, while Twingo moved back into the top 10 by claiming a 30% share of the small city car segment. Sales of Espace, launched in April, increased by a factor of over 2.5 in just nine months on the market. Kadjar, launched in June, got off to a strong start and since October has been the top seller in the C-crossover segment. 

In a LCV market that rose slightly (by 2.0%), Renault reinforced its leadership position with a 32.8% share of the market, up +1.8 points. Kangoo and Clio claimed the top two spots, while Trafic and Master placed fifth and sixth respectively and led the van segment. 

ZOE, the unrivalled leader in zero-emission vehicles , further strengthened its position, alone accounting for 60% of the fast-growing electric PC market. Renault registered over 10,000 ZOE units this year, for a total of 22,000 since launch three years ago. Kangoo Z.E. took a 58% share of the electric LCV market.  


With 97,441 registrations in 2015 (down 5,075 units), the Dacia brand claimed a 5.1% share of the PC market (down 0.6 points) and maintained its fifth place in the PC market. The brand ranked number-four in PC sales to private motorists. Sandero is the fifth best-selling vehicle to private motorists in France.


“2015 will go down as an outstanding year for Renault in terms of new products. Espace and Kadjar have made highly promising starts to their sales careers, while Talisman and New Mégane have also been warmly received. Renault today boasts a young and highly attractive range. And so we approach 2016 with confidence and ambition, ready to benefit from the growth forecast for the French market.”

 Volumevs. Y-1 (%)market share (%)vs. Y-1 (pt)
PC+LCV TIV223,598+ 11.8  
PC TIV  183,724+ 12.5  
LCV TIV39,874+ 8.6  
Groupe Renault PC+LCV 69,462+ 26.631.1+ 3.6
Groupe Renault PC52,637+ 26.728.6+ 0.2
Groupe Renault LCV 16,825+ 26.542.2+ 6.0
Renault PC+LCV 58,912+ 26.826.3+ 3.1
Renault PC42,185+ 26.323.0+ 2.5
Renault LCV 16,727+ 28.042.0+ 6.3
Dacia PC+LCV10,55+ 25.84.7+ 0.5
Dacia PC10,452+ 28.25.7+ 0.7
Dacia LCV98- 57.20.2- 0.4


 Volumevs. Y-1 (%)market share (%)vs. Y-1 (pt)
PC+LCV TIV2,296,654+ 5.9  
PC TIV  1,917,230+ 6.8  
LCV TIV  379,424+ 2.0  
Groupe Renault PC+LCV607,175+ 5.126.4- 0.2
Groupe Renault PC479,945+ 5.225.0- 0.4
Groupe Renault LCV 127,23+ 5.033.5+ 1.0
Renault PC+LCV507,14+ 7.522.1+ 0.3
Renault PC382,504+ 8.120.0+ 0.2
Renault LCV124,636+ 5.832.8+ 1.2
Dacia PC+LCV100,035- 5.54.4- 0.5
Dacia PC97,441- 5.05.1- 0.6 
Dacia LCV2,594- 23.20.7- 0.2


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