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Renault on the road as official partner of EXPOFRANCE 2025 tour

February 19, 2016
  • EXPOFRANCE 2025 has set off on a nationwide tour of 16 French cities, starting in Marseille on February 18th, 2016.
  • Renault, official partner along with 26 other major French groups, is on the road with the tour, which seeks to gather support for EXPOFRANCE 2025 bid across the country.


The EXPOFRANCE 2025 tour has a three aims:

  • Present the EXPOFRANCE 2025 project to French people, explaining the principle of a World Exposition and inviting them to support the French bid to host Expo 2025
  • Meet local government bodies and companies to muster support from project partners
  • Outline the project to schools and universities to step up the involvement of young people, a driving force behind the project from the outset


The tour set off from Marseille on February 18th, and will be visiting 15 other French cities through to the month of June.

It will be offering visitors two experiences: a Round the World 3D experience prefiguring the EXPOFRANCE 2025 stage set; and a show projected on a globe 12 metres in diameter, recalling the work of geographer Elisée Reclus for the Universal Exhibition of 1900.


Philippe Buros, head of Renault’s Sales and Marketing Operations, France:“We’re proudto be there on the nationwide EXPOFRANCE 2025 tour. We’ll be contributing the enthusiasm of Renault people through what is France’s most extensive dealer network.”


Renault became a founder member of the EXPOFRANCE 2025 project in late 2013, delighted to be involved in an operation that focuses enthusiasm on a collective progress-oriented ambition throughout the country.

The project chimes with the values of innovation that Renault has been championing in the automotive sector for more than a century, typified by revolutionary developments such as the first MPV and by today’s range of all-electric zero-emission vehicles. With forthcoming developments in areas such as connected vehicles and autonomous vehicles, Renault will be continuing to expand the frontiers of French technological know-how in the quest for sustainable mobility for all.



Support France’s application to host the 2025 World Exposition:

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