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Sales results France, first quarter 2016

April 01, 2016


  • In the first quarter of 2016, Groupe Renault passenger car sales rose by 8.8%, against 8.2% growth in the French motor market.
  • Dacia, fourth in the retail passenger car market, outpaced market growth.
  • Groupe Renault has four vehicles in the top ten passenger cars, with Clio heading the list, and three vehicles in the top five LCVs, with Kangoo in first place.
  • For the month of March alone, Renault and Dacia increased their shares of the French passenger car market by 0.7 and 0.5 points respectively, to 22.1% and 5.3%.



For the first time in five years, Renault’s first-quarter passenger car registrations topped 100,000 in 2016, with sales rising by 6.7% and market share at 19.9% (down by 0.3 points).
With sales of 28,300 and 5.5% of the French passenger car market, Clio holds top place in the ranking. Captur, in fourth place on the French market, heads the crossover segment. All the models launched in 2015 are meeting with good market take-up: Espace leads the E segment, Kadjar is fourth in the crossover segment, ahead of its main rival, and Talisman leads the D segment. New Mégane, launched in mid-January 2016, is making strong headway on both retail and fleet markets.
Renault’s LCV sales rose by 10.3% on a highly buoyant market. Renault’s share is up 0.3 points at 31.3%, with Kangoo and the Clio company car being France’s best-selling LCVs. Master, too, ranks in the top five, with first-quarter sales up by 18.9%.
Against a steep rise (136%) in the electric passenger car market, ZOE sales doubled to reach 3,300 registrations (close to 55% of this segment).



Dacia registrations rose by 16.8% in the first quarter of 2016. Dacia ranks fifth on the French passenger car market, and fourth if we consider retail customers alone. Dacia’s market share rose by 0.4 points to 5.5%.
Sandero ranks seventh in the French passenger car sales charts, and third considering retail customers alone. Sandero registrations rose by 27.4% in the first quarter of 2016.

 “Groupe Renault sales in early 2016 make the most of buoyant conditions on the French vehicles market. The Renault range, which features many new models, is proving highly successful, and Dacia models are proving as attractive as ever. With our rich product offering, coupled with market upswing, we expect sustained performance in the months to come. “
Philippe Buros, senior vice-president, market area France


 March 2016
 Volumevs Y-1 (%)Market share (%)vs Y-1 (pt)
TIV (passenger cars & LCVs)249,975+7.1  
TIV (passenger cars)211,264+7.5  
TIV (LCVs)38,711+4.9  
Groupe Renault (passenger cars & LCVs) 69,71+10.027.9+0.7
Groupe Renault (passenger cars)57,697+12.327.3+1.2
Groupe Renault (LCVs)12,013-0.131.0-1.6
Renault (passenger cars & LCVs)58,402+8.723.4+0.3
Renault (passenger cars)46,587+10.722.1+0.7
Renault (LCVs)11,815+1.230.5-1.1
Dacia (passenger cars & LCVs)11,308+17.34.5+0.4
Dacia (passenger cars)11,11+19.65.3+0.5
Dacia (LCVs)198-43.80.5-0.4


 January to March 2016
 Volumevs Y-1 (%)Market share (%)vs Y-1 (pt)
TIV (passenger cars & LCVs)616,357+8.4  
TIV (passenger cars)516,392+8.2  
TIV (LCVs)99,965+9.4  
Groupe Renault (passenger cars & LCVs) 163,112+8.626.5+0.1
Groupe Renault (passenger cars)131,319+8.825.4+0.1
Groupe Renault (LCVs)31,793+8.031.8-0.4
Renault (passenger cars & LCVs)134,045+7.621.7-0.2
Renault (passenger cars)102,716+6.719.9-0.3
Renault (LCVs)31,329+10.331.3+0.3
Dacia (passenger cars & LCVs)29,067+13.84.7+0.2
Dacia (passenger cars)28,603+16.85.5+0.4
Dacia (LCVs)464-55.70.5-0.7


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