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Renault Mobiliz and France’s employment agency join forces to improve jobseekers’ mobility in France

March 31, 2017
  • On March 30, 2017, Groupe Renault and France’s employment agency Pôle Emploi signed a partnership agreement under the Renault Mobiliz solidarity programme.
  • The agreement seeks to help jobseekers throughout France to find or return to employment, in cases where mobility is an obstacle.

Oliver Faust, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility for Groupe Renault, and Jérôme Rivoisy, Deputy General Manager for Pôle Emploi, signed a partnership agreement involving every regional division of Renault and Pôle Emploi in France. 

This partnership will help to refer jobseekers to a Renault Solidarity Garage in the Groupe Renault network, where they can benefit from products and services at cost price, including vehicle maintenance and repairs, the sale of used cars and the leasing of new cars with a purchase option.

These specially designed offers are available to:

  • Jobseekers in need of a car to keep their job or find employment;
  • Jobseekers who are unable to afford the costs of using of a vehicle.

This innovative programme has been successfully rolled out in the Côtes d’Armor and Île-de-France regions of France and is now ready to be extended across the country.

Oliver Faust, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility, Groupe Renault: “Launched in 2012, the Renault Mobiliz programme makes mobility accessible to all. The innovative partnership developed jointly with Pôle Emploi will enable us to promote our commitment across France and amplify our social impact. Each signatory organization makes a valuable contribution:

  • Groupe Renault develops the Mobiliz programme, coordinated by its regional divisions;
  • Pôle Emploi advertises the programme among the unemployed and recommends it to eligible jobseekers;
  • Renault Solidarity Garages address demand by offering quality products and services at reduced prices.

The alliance of these organizations toward a common social purpose is undeniably a great strength for employment and inclusion.”

Jérôme Rivoisy, Deputy General Manager for Pôle Emploi: “Pôle Emploi’s strategy consists of building diversified partnerships in the territories to offer to jobseekers or employers services complementing those that our agencies traditionally provide. Pôle Emploi is taking every step to ensure that jobseekers are able to conduct their job search in favourable conditions. The partnership developed with Renault Mobiliz fits this commitment by enabling jobseekers to overcome their vehicle issues in order to maintain or obtain employment. Pôle Emploi will continue to develop local partnerships all year long to offer mobility solutions that respond to the diversity of situations faced by jobseekers.”

The Mobiliz programme is the first social enterprise initiative by an automobile manufacturer and aims to help people with low incomes and vehicle issues to access employment. Partners from the not-for-profit sector, educational institutions and public organizations have all participated in this programme. Mobiliz is mainly implemented through a network of Renault Solidarity Garages, which volunteer by offering products and services at cost price to beneficiaries referred to them by social and employment services.

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Press Officer
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