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H1 2017 sales performance in France

July 03, 2017
  • In a buoyant passenger car (PC) and light commercial vehicle (LCV) market, Groupe Renault increased registrations by 1.8%, to 368,000 units, for market share of 27.0%.
  • In the passenger car market, Renault posted its best results in terms of volumes for six years, while Dacia set its own new sales record.


Passenger cars (PC): best half-year for six years

With 295,000 PC registrations at end-June (+1.1%), Groupe Renault reported its highest sales volumes for six years. Both brands posted increased volumes, with the Dacia brand setting a new sales record.

Renault posted its best performance for six years in terms of PC sales, with 230,700 registrations (+0.4%). With 64,300 registrations (+3.9%) Dacia once again set a new brand sales record on the French market, where it ranks fifth. Dacia even stands fourth in the PC retail sales rankings, with Renault in the No. 1 position. Sandero is the best seller in this market.

In terms of products, Clio reported 64 400 registrations in HY1 to remain France's best-selling passenger car, a position it has occupied for over seven years. Captur (6th), Sandero (8th), Mégane (9th) and Scénic (10th) complete the top 10 rankings in PC sales.

Twingo, Clio, Talisman and Espace are the best sellers in their respective segments. Mégane saw sales surge by over 30% compared with HY1 2016.

ZOE remains the clear leader in the electric vehicle market, accounting for almost 70% of electric PC sales in France. ZOE had more than 9,200 registrations at end-June, a rise of over 40% in the space of one year.

Light commercial vehicles (LCV): Renault consolidates its No. 1 position

Renault posted its best performance since 2008 in terms of volumes, consolidating its position as market leader. It placed four vehicles in the top 5, including Kangoo and Clio in the top two spots. Master (4th) and Trafic (5th) top the rankings in the van segment. Kangoo Z.E. is the clear leader in the electric LCV market. 

Market outlook in 2017 for Groupe Renault in France

In the second half of the year, Renault should continue to reap the full benefits of its renewed PC range. The arrivals of New Captur and New Koleos at the end of HY1 mark the completion of the renewal. Alaskan will expand the LCV range in September, marking Renault's arrival in the pick-up segment.

Philippe Buros, Senior Vice President, Market Area France, Groupe Renault said: "With a fully renewed Renault PC range and consumer orders up 25% in June, we're developing real momentum for the second half of the year. Building on our strong products and the mobilization of our sales network, we expect 2017 to be in line with 2016. "


  Month of June 2017
 Volumevs A-1 (%) market share (%)vs A-1 (pt)
MTM VP + VU277,295+ 1.6  
MTM VP  230,94+ 1.6  
MTM VU46,355+ 1.9  
Groupe Renault VP+VU 81,482- 6.129.4- 2.4
Groupe Renault VP65,871- 5.428.5- 2.1
Groupe Renault VU 15,611- 9.033.7- 4.0
Marque Renault VP+VU 68,467- 7.624.7- 2.5
Marque Renault VP52,963- 7.322.9- 2.2
Marque Renault VU 15,504- 8.733.4- 3.9
Marque Dacia VP+VU13,015+ 2.64.7+ 0.0
Marque Dacia VP12,908+ 3.15.6+ 0.1
Marque Dacia VU107- 36.70.2- 0.1


 Cumul January - June 2017
 Volumevs A-1 (%) market share (%)vs A-1 (pt)
MTM VP + VU1,364,899+ 3.5  
MTM VP  1,135,281+ 3.0  
MTM VU229,618+ 6.3  
Groupe Renault VP+VU 368,006+ 1.827.0- 0.5
Groupe Renault VP295,093+ 1.126.0- 0.5
Groupe Renault VU 72,913+ 4.331.8- 0.6
Marque Renault VP+VU 302,841+ 1.322.2- 0.5
Marque Renault VP230,766+ 0.420.3- 0.5
Marque Renault VU 72,075+ 4.531.4- 0.5
Marque Dacia VP+VU65,165+ 3.74.8+ 0.0
Marque Dacia VP64,327+ 3.95.7+ 0.0
Marque Dacia VU838- 9.10.4- 0.1
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