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New Energy TCe 165 engine mated to seven-speed EDC transmission joins Mégane Hatchback and Mégane Estate catalogues

October 12, 2017
  • The comprehensive list of powerful engines available for Mégane Hatchback and Mégane Estate has been extended to include the Energy TCe 165 alongside the Energy dCi 165.

  • This Renault Sport-developed powerplant combines driving pleasure with fuel efficiency.

  • Order books for Mégane Hatchback and Mégane Estate powered by the Energy TCe 165 engine open in France today.


The Energy TCe 165 provide responsive performance from low revs, with maximum torque of 250Nm available from 2,500rpm. Derived from the TCe 205 unit that powers Mégane GT (developed by Renault Sport engineers) but tuned to deliver 165 horsepower, the Energy TCe 165 combines the GT version’s hallmark driving enjoyment and dynamics with smooth acceleration all the way up to peak power (121kW at 6,000rpm).

At the same time, thanks to thermal management technology, NEDC combined-cycle fuel consumption and CO2 emissions stand at just 6 litres/100km and 134g/km respectively. Electric control of the cooling circuit speeds up engine warm-up to contribute to fuel savings, while ESM (Energy Smart Management) allows the alternator to charge the battery using energy that is otherwise wasted when decelerating.

For added pleasure behind the wheel, the Energy TCe 165 drives through a seven-speed EDC dual-clutch automatic gearbox for faster, smoother gear shifts, with engine speed optimised as a function of the selected gear and driving mode (Eco, Comfort, Neutral, Sport). At the same time, the EDC transmission features new wet clutch technology for greater gear-shift stability over time and when running at different temperatures.

Prices (in France)

• Mégane Hatchback INTENS Energy TCe 165 EDC…….………………..…………………....€29,100
• Mégane Hatchback AKAJU Energy TCe 165 EDC ……..……………………..……………....€30,900
• Mégane Estate INTENS Energy TCe 165 EDC ……………………………………….....…….€30,000



French fiscal rating 9
Displacement (cc) 1,618
Maximum power (hp) at (rpm) 165 / 6,000
Maximum torque (Nm) at (rpm) 250 / 2,400
Transmission EDC
Number of forward speeds 7
Top speed (kph) 215
1,000m standing start (s) 29.1
0-100kph (s) 8.2
NEDC combined-cycle fuel consumption (litres/100km) 6
NEDC combined CO2 emissions (g/km)  134


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