EV battery now available as outright buy for ZOE, France’s best-selling electric car

March 29, 2018
  • ZOE customers now have the choice of buying a battery pack outright in France

  • The purchase price for ZOE with the outright buy option is an additional €8,900 (inclusive of VAT) compared with the same car with the battery leased

  • Starting April 3, all new ZOEs will be available with an outright buy option


Boulogne-Billancourt, France, March 29, 2018 – Renault is to offer ZOE as an outright buy (battery included) from April 3, 2018. Whatever the version, including limited editions, customers will be able to choose between leasing or buying the battery outright.


An outright buy ZOE will cost €8,900 (VAT-inclusive) more than a ZOE with a battery lease agreement, regardless of the model.

“When we released our first electric cars, Renault was pioneering the market and our focus was on leasing the battery. The aim was to encourage our customers to switch to electric vehicles and provide them with extra peace of mind. The performance and durability of our batteries have now been widely proven. It was time for us to offer our customers a choice between buying or leasing a battery,” says Renault’s Xavier Martinet, Director of Marketing, France.

Staff across Renault’s French sales network have received comprehensive training in electric vehicles and advisers across the country are qualified to brief customers on the various battery purchase and leasing options available for ZOE.


ZOE – Europe’s electric car benchmark

- In 2017, ZOE was the best-selling electric car in both France and Europe for the third year in a row
- ZOE accounts for more than half of all electric vehicle sales in France
- 100,000 ZOEs have been produced at Renault’s Flins plant in France and sold across the world
- ZOE’s annual sales have risen every year since the model’s launch
- In 2017, ZOE sales increased by 44 percent in Europe compared with the previous year
- ZOE has been widely acclaimed by the motoring press and picked up more than 50 awards in Europe

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