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New Renault Kadjar: prices revealed

October 03, 2018
  • New Renault Kadjar unveiled exclusively at the Paris Motor Show

  • New Renault Kadjar: even more style, comfort and power with its new high-performance engines

  • Available in France from €26,200


Paris, 3 October 2018. New Renault Kadjar has been revealed in a world première at the Paris Motor Show.


Its meticulous redesign gives it a style that is more assertive than ever. The designers have reworked the front and rear to enhance its appeal. This is reflected particularly in an enlarged grille with new chrome inserts.


At the front, New Kadjar adopts the signature C-shaped headlights which are the hallmark of the Renault range. It enhances them by incorporating the indicator lights into the LED headlights for a more modern look. At the rear, the indicator lights also feature LEDs, as well as the reversing and fog lights, which are now incorporated into the bumper and refined for greater elegance.


Inside, the interior of New Kadjar is distinguished by a more modern look and with enhanced perceived quality, such as the touches of satin chrome setting off the air-vent surrounds, door handles and the centre console. Another new addition is the presence of a multimedia touch screen which is more elegant than ever.


New Kadjar adopts the latest generation of Renault engines.


In petrol, New Kadjar offers the 1.3 TCe engine, recognised for performance and driving pleasure, available in four versions:  TCe 140 FAP (maximum torque of 240 Nm at 1,600 rpm) and TCE 160 FAP (maximum torque of 260 Nm at 1,750 rpm) available with manual or automatic EDC gearbox in a 4x2 version.


In diesel, New Kadjar offers two modernised engines equipped with a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system: The 1.5 Blue dCi 115, available with a manual gearbox, is equipped with the “overboost”, offering a temporary power boost and additional torque. It saves 4kW (+5hp) of power and 25Nm of torque. The 1.7 Blue dCi 150 combined with a manual gearbox is available in 4x2 and 4x4 transmission.


Prices and equipment

New Renault Kadjar will be available to order in France on 4 October from €26,200. The equipment details are set out below:



EDC: Boite Automatique
BVM: Boite Manuelle
Life Blue dCi 115 BVM 28 100
Life TCe 140 FAP BVM 26 200
Business Blue dCi 115 BVM 30 300
Business TCe 140 FAP EDC 30 100
Business TCe 140 FAP BVM 28 400
SL Wave Blue dCi 115 BVM 30 600
SL Wave TCe 140 FAP EDC 30 400
SL Wave TCe 140 FAP BVM 28 700
Intens Blue dCi 115 BVM 32 700
Intens TCe 140 FAP EDC 32 500
Intens TCe 140 FAP BVM 30 800
Intens TCe 160 FAP EDC 34 000
Intens TCe 160 FAP BVM 32 300
SL Black Edition TCe 140 FAP EDC 34 300
SL Black Edition TCe 160 FAP EDC 35 800
SL Black Edition TCe 160 FAP BVM 34 100




Aide au parking arrière LIFE BUSINESS, WAVE,   INTENS, BLACK EDITION 300 €
Bose® Sound System (Déjà en série sur dCi 150 et dCi 150 4x4) INTENS BLACK EDITION 600 €
Easy Park Assist INTENS, BLACK EDITION   350 €
Jantes alliage 19'' Yohann (incompatible avec l'Extended Grip) INTENS   200 €
Pack Business : Climatisation régulée, Essuie-glaces et feux automatiques, R-LINK 2 : Système multimédia connecté avec écran tactile 7’’ haute résolution, navigation avec cartographie Europe, reconnaissance vocale, Bluetooth®, gestion centralisée de plusieurs fonction du véhicule, services connectés et compatibilité Android AutoTM et Apple CarPlayTM, éclairage du   vide poche central, alerte de survitesse avec reconnaissance des panneaux de signalisation LIFE BUSINESS, WAVE,   INTENS, BLACK EDITION 1 200 €
Pack City Plus : Détecteur d'angles morts, aide au parking avant et latérale, caméra de recul, éclairage d'accueil sous rétroviseurs WAVE INTENS, BLACK EDITION 800 €
Pack Cuir Carbone Foncé (Sièges avant chauffants, siège conducteur réglable électriquement) INTENS   1 600 €
Pack Cuir Gris Clair (Sièges avant chauffants, siège conducteur réglable électriquement) INTENS   1 600 €
Pack Extended Grip : jantes alliage 17" Evado non   diamantées, pneus tout temps, ESP optimisé     BUSINESS, WAVE, INTENS   250 €
Pack Look : Barres de toit longitudinales en chrome anodisé, Joncs chromés sur les protections inférieures de portes LIFE BUSINESS, WAVE,   INTENS, BLACK EDITION 400 €
Pack Sécurité : Freinage actif d'urgence, détecteur d'angles morts, aide au parking latérale, éclairage d'accueil sous rétroviseurs BUSINESS INTENS, BLACK EDITION 450 €
Pack Toit en verre fixe : Toit verre fixe, Rétroviseur intérieur électrochrome WAVE   700 €
Pack Vision : Projecteurs avant full LED Pure Vision,   antibrouillards avant LED avec fintion chrome BUSINESS,WAVE INTENS, BLACK EDITION 1 000 €
Peinture métalisée LIFE, BUSINESS, WAVE, INTENS, BLACK EDITION   650 €
Peinture métalisée spéciale LIFE, BUSINESS, WAVE, INTENS, BLACK EDITION   850 €
Roue de secours galette LIFE, BUSINESS, WAVE, INTENS, BLACK EDITION   130 €
Toit en verre fixe INTENS, BLACK EDITION   700 €


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