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The continuation of negotiations aimed at a draft agreement serving an industrial ambition in France

January 29, 2013
  • Renault and the CFDT, CFE-CGC, CGT and FO trade unions held an eighth negotiation meeting on Tuesday January 29.
  • Renault reasserted its determination to make its French businesses more competitive and propose an agreement whereby this level of competitiveness could be achieved without site closures, redundancies or voluntary departure plans.
  • The agreement proposed to the trade unions targets the implementation of consistent organization systems and the allocation of the manufacturing volumes required to honor those commitments.
  • At the meeting, each trade union presented its proposals relative to those of the management. These presentations were followed by discussions on procedures for implementing the measures proposed by the management.
  • The negotiations will continue at the next meeting scheduled for February 5.


Following the meeting, Gérard Leclercq, Executive Vice president, Chairman of Operations, France, said: “We share with the trade unions the determination to conduct these negotiations in a responsible manner. Our approach is based on establishing a consensus that enables us to safeguard the future of Renault business in France, the aim being to enter a virtuous circle in which the efforts required to improve our competitiveness serve to ensure activity and employment in the future”.  


Discussions on a responsible draft agreement

At the eighth meeting, each of the trade unions presented their proposals concerning the measures put forward by the management at the previous meetings. The presentations were followed by a debate on how to apply the measures as part of a draft agreement:

  • Regarding inter-site secondments, it was confirmed that Renault would place the emphasis on a voluntary approach as an initial solution. The management also committed to ensuring that employees would know about the job positions to be filled at least two months before the start of the secondment. A watch system
    would be put in place to monitor individual situations. 

  • The pooling of resources at regional centers would be written into the draft agreement. New organization systems would be introduced following prior discussions with employee representative bodies. 

  • Concerning time accounts (accrued leave, etc.), Renault committed to maintaining the rights already acquired by employees. A joint commission would also be set up to monitor this situation. 

  • The other measures will be reviewed next week.


Competitiveness as a basis for launching a growth dynamic in France

At the meeting, the management recalled the objectives of the negotiations and the commitments it was determined to confirm as part of an agreement.

With the structural downturn in the European market, Renault wants to prepare for the implementation of measures that are vital to strengthening the competitiveness of its activities in France, with a view to returning to a growth dynamic.

  • Regarding manufacturing, the management would commit to safeguarding all the production sites. The signature of an agreement would enable a 180,000-vehicle increase in production at French sites (100,000 stemming from the renewal of the Renault range plan and the market effect and 80,000 from production for partners), taking the total to over 700,000 vehicles a year. 

  • In engineering and support functions, the management would commit to maintaining core corporate activities in France. 

  • In terms of quality of life in the workplace, the management would commit to ensuring that all the negotiated measures serve as a source of enhanced collective efficiency and motivation for all.


The negotiations will continue at the next meeting on February 5.

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