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Renault's new brand signature : "Renault - Passion for life"

April 23, 2015

In parallel to the launch of the new Espace, Renault has released a new brand signature: ‘RENAULT - Passion for life’.

This signature is illustrative of the fresh approach to vehicle design that the brand took in 2012. It also underlines the brand’s promise to produce quality, attractive vehicles that make everyday life easier for customers.

Renault’s new brand identity is deployed from mid - April 2015.




Renault’s long tradition for making ‘Voitures à Vivre’ has seen it design innovative, ingenious, modular, comfortable cars ever since the company’s origins. Since 2012, this integral part of the brand’s DNA has combined with a determination to engage once more with its customers in an emotional way, as well. This called for a revitalised approach to vehicle design and the tangible signs of this commitment today are the sensuous, appealing and athletic lines of the Clio, the Captur, the Twingo, the Kadjar and, now, the new Espace.

The slogan ‘RENAULT - Passion for life’ also underlines the ongoing efforts made by Renault’s engineers and design teams to observe customers and their everyday lives in order to propose quality vehicles that pack ingenious innovations and services conceived to facilitate day-to-day life. Examples include the R-LINK2® multimedia system, a long list of driver aids, the Kadjar’s automatic folding seats and the Multi-Sense® system available for the new Espace.

“Our new brand signature – ‘RENAULT - Passion for life’ – reflects the in-depth transformation that is under way at Renault and which began with the new Clio,” says Michael van der Sande, SVP, Global Marketing. “More than the words themselves, the slogan is a pledge to our customers that Renault will continue its metamorphosis that will result in an entirely renewed range. In addition to being designed with passion by our engineering and design teams, our new models must make the lives of our customers easier and more pleasant every day.”



Along with Renault’s new brand signature, the brand’s graphic identity has been reviewed and redesigned, too, by in-house teams working out of its Corporate Design Department. This evolution concerns all the company’s advertising, both audio and visual (TV, print, posters, radio, etc.), as well as websites, exhibition stands, special events, merchandising, clothing, etc.

Meanwhile, the Renault diamond has been made bolder and has been freed from the confinement of its surrounding outline. It features the same more generous, higher-status, brighter logo that adorns the front of the brand’s latest models.

The brand block has changed, as well. Although its draws its DNA from Renault’s past, it stands out as more modern and more assertive. It also features a new, specially developed typeface designed to add a distinctive touch to the brand’s communication.

The Renault yellow, which has been made brighter and warmer, is visible as a vertical strip to the logo’s right.

The result is a refined graphic identity that elegantly expresses the value of the brand’s products. This more creative and emotive approach is in line with the mission that was given to Laurens van den Acker, SVP, Corporate Design.

When I arrived in 2009, my mission was to reforge the emotional bond between the Renault brand and its customers,” notes Laurens van den Acker, SVP, Corporate Design, Renault. “My response was to ask my teams to rekindle Renault’s Latin roots by designing colourful, personalisable cars with sensuous, muscular lines that spark emotions and make everyday life more pleasant.”

The Groupe Renault’s new corporate identity, which will cover the Renault, Dacia and Renault Samsung Motors brands, will be revealed at the Groupe Renault’s next General Meeting at the end of April 2015.

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